Is there plenty of parking?

No parking problems here! We have several lots to choose from, which are all marked with our private parking signs (in green and white). A map of available parking is attached to your contract to be passed along to your guests. Our clients may park in any lot with the exception to the 899 & 896 Manchester lots. We have approximately 300 spaces.

Are there any Service Charges, Corkage Fees or Gratuities added to my bill?

These are the only additional charges (besides KY sales tax):
-10% for rental. Based on rental cost.
-18% for Catering. Based on total catering cost (less sales tax)
These charges cover the hourly wages, taxes and benefits of the service personnel required to work your event and give you the excellent service that you expect.
-20% for bar. Based on bar cost or bar minimum.

Do you offer special rates at different times of the week or year?

Yes, we offers special rates during the months of January and February. Days with discounts are Monday through Thursday and Sunday afternoons. Ask your planner for details.

Where are the Venues of the Grand Reserve located?

We are conveniently located in the Historic Downtown Distillery District in Lexington, Kentucky, with easy access from I-75, I-64 and downtown Lexington.

How many people can you cater to?

Venues of the Grand Reserve can accommodate up to 4,000 guests in its entirety, but we mostly specialize in events ranging from intimate parties to large corporate affairs and wedding events.

Do you allow outside caterers?

No. Our exclusive caterer is Bluegrass Catering. Outside bakeries for wedding cakes are accepted.

Do you allow us to bring our own alcohol in for my event?

No, we do not allow for this provision.

How many times will we meet prior to my event?

At our initial meeting, we will discuss your event, create your vision and put an initial quote together for your special day. A maximum of two, in person, 30 minute meetings, can be scheduled after your booking. Our experience staff is only a telephone call, text or email away to answer any questions that you may have. We will meet again approximately 6 weeks before your event. At this time we will discuss your “soft” guest count and make your final decor and menu selections. Two weeks prior to your event we will meet at the venue to finalize the details of your event, receive final guest counts and discuss your timeline. Following this meeting we will calculate and send you your final bill (which is due 10 days prior to your event).